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The one with all the pictures
15 October 2003 @ 12:22 pm
Hola. Newbie here (then again, since the series is all of two episodes old, there isn't really old hats to this sorta thing : ) thus with the less fear) and I come bearing icons. I dunno if they're as shiny and meaningful as some of the ones I've seen on here, but I thought they were fun : ) I tend towards the sarcastic and goofy.

taken from lyrics in -Why I'm Here- by Oleander

the rest...all four more of them ^_^Collapse )

And das about it. Anyone know where to find any good art sites for the series/game/manga etc? Cause the ones I have I took myself. And this, a quick promotion cut to not annoy people.Collapse )

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15 October 2003 @ 04:39 pm
heh, whenever I look for some information on the anime or the manga, all I get is the game XD After looking at the screenshots, I thought it looked pretty blocky. Lots of websites (here's one of them) said that the graphics looked good though. And I mean, it's going to be released by square enix. How can the graphics be bad?
ack, unfortunately, the chance of this game coming into US is really low. I've read somewhere that this game has better chance of coming to US than other games in this group. Oh yeah, and erm, this game's about 80% done so far, and it's going to be released around winter 2003.

FMA shitajiki hey,,... erm, who's the bald dude? [/random question]

oh yeah,! and erm, according to Toriyamaworld site, FMA is by Arakawa Hiromu. But on the first scanlation, it says Arakawa Hiroaki. and on jpqueen, it says Arakawa Hiroshi. So what is it? haha, this has been bugging me for the past few days XDDD
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