Nine (9tails) wrote in fm_alchemist,

A cry of one in desperate need.

Ahem. I come before you lovely people today with an extremely important question. (Okay, not so important, more of OH-MY-GOD-LET-ME-NOT-BE-ALONE-AND-DESPERATE cry.)

I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies, gents and beans of all sizes:
A] Lived in Australia.
B] Lived in Queensland.
C] Are plannning on attending Supanova on the 9th and 10th of April (aka this Saturday and Sunday) at the Brisbane Showgrounds.
D] Considering cosplaying as a character from FMA.

Dear Someone-or-Another, may I not be alone! I don’t care if you get a piece of aluminium foil, stick it on your head with a piece of string and refer to yourself as Alphonse! I don’t care if you grab a potted-palm tree, stick a headband on it, whilst carting it around all day and calling it Envy. Hell, I don’t even care if you get your bathrobe and claim to be Edward. COME. COSPLAY. LET ME REVEL IN YOUR PRESENCE.

Yes-yes-yes, I know there is another one in Sydney later this year, but face it. You come here and there so much less pollution; we have BIG shopping centres; the tourists don’t try to get you drunk and drag you into coffee clubs, and more importantly, WE LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU IN WAYS THAT ARE BOTH ILLEGAL AND UNNATURAL. (Come on. The Sydney Harbour Bridge is just a bridge. We’ve all been on one. So it may be a little bigger, but you’re not going to climb the goddamn thing, are you?)

They are also premiering the first couple of episodes – subbed – in a lead up to the actual release of FMA sometime next week. Support your fandom! Stand up at the back of the hall and call out obscene things in references to Edward’s size and Roy’s flames! THEY MAY EVEN HAVE PLUSHIES.

Um. Yes. My point is to come along and FMA-cosplay. If you do decide to brave the unknown and come across an oddly tall Ed bolting around, screeching about costume-impracticalities due to the heat, come and say hello! I promise I’ll repress all urges to bite and scorn your family lineage. I’m really, really friendly, and we can do wonderful things in front of hundreds of people! (Personally, I’m hoping for another Ed. What’s better than Ed-on-Ed action?)


(Pleasepleaseplease. Please.)

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