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Fic dump, "Etude," "Blind Date"

A few short fics I've written recently. Both are inspired by other people's work! *laughs*

Title: Etude
Author: kaitou_marina
Beta: kalikamaxwell
Rating: PG (for a nekkid reference? Even though it's artistic nekkid?)
Genre: Very light m/m, angst(?)
Pairing: ScarXAl, but it's so light it almost isn't there. XD
Spoilers: Takes place during episode 51 and contains vague spoilers for the end of the series (41-51, approximately) and for the Gate.
Notes: Inspired by this pic by youkofujima. Written for her <3 Titled "Etude" because that's what I was listening to as I wrote it, "Etude For Piano No. 11 in E Flat Major" by Fredric Chopin.

( 'You are his life, breath and blood. He lives for you. Your brother will come for you. Older brothers always do.' )

Cross-posted to fma_yaoi

Title: Blind Date
Author: kaitou_marina
Beta: chiba_yuriko
Rating: G
Genre: Gen (barely), fluff, het, bordering on suggestion of romance XD
Pairing: None (unless you count the vague, vague suggestion of AlXWinry)
Spoilers: Takes place a bit after the end of the series, but contains no spoilers.
Notes: Inspired by hime1999's Familiar picture series, thus, it's het! OMG! XD The original idea of the fic also came from chiba_yuriko.

( An exchange of threats with Winry and a waved wrench later, Ed was out the door and on his way, deciding that another concussion wasn't worth avoiding eating dinner with some girl. )
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