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Little amusement in the afternoon.

Yatta. These are pretty good, so odds are most of you've read them already, but I figured I'd put them up just in case. Have fun. All are work-safe. :)

Child's Play -- Hughes started it.
The Perils of Coffee -- Edward's first foray into sexual education...rated for explicit clinical language. Ahem.
Internal Affairs -- Are they doing what we think they're doing in there?
An Arm and a Leg -- This came to me when I saw a billboard on the freeway. This is not to be taken seriously. Very short. :D
Alas -- 100 word silly drabble. No pairings, spoilers, or anything else. Alas!
Family Man -- Roy had been having a good day, up until that moment. And then Ed showed up. Revenge is sweet.
A Short Incident -- A (hopefully) humorous short in which Winry tries to do a good deed, and Al worries. Poor Ed.

I might post up non-humor later. x3

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