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o_O Is this a joke...?

A friend of mine linked me to an article put up by an online anime magazine, concerning Fullmetal Alchemist. It's rather... interesting, to say the least, and I honestly cannot tell whether it's meant to be serious or an April Fool's joke. Take a look for yourself:

article does contain SPOILERS through the end of the series

Now in all seriousness, I can respect that everyone has their own opinion, and that not everyone's necessarily going to fall in love with the same series. However, this article strikes me as rather unprofessionally done, especially considering things such as the inaccurate assumptions about the production of the series and obviously lack of research on the manga and other background details. As my friend who linked me to it put it, did the author sleep through the show or something?

Now, noting the date of the issue this is from, I'm not ruling out the possibility it *could* be a prank, but I don't know anything about that particular webzine I'd have no idea. Could anyone take a look and clarify? I don't want to be ranting and railing about it to friends if it's not...

Edit: I would like to note that I am *not* taking issue with FMA being criticized. I would personally *love* to read a well thought-out, researched, and written critique of the series. What bothers me is simply the sheer lack of professionalism in the article, not that the author was being critical.

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