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I should have finished this book ages ago.

I don't know how much contact you guys have with Anne Rice and her writings, but I started reading her when I started college (three years ago). For the most part, I could make it through everything, but there two or three I never finished reading. Lasher was one of them. I stopped just before Lasher started telling his story, because I hated the character and he scared me (he still does, I had nightmares for weeks).

Anyway, I was showing icedark_elf a poem out of the book that reminded me of FMA last night. I set the book on my desk and went to bed. This morning, while I was waiting for my computer to boot up, I skimmed through the pages.

I read this:

"Brother, go with him," said my sister. "I don't know if this female exists. I have never beheld a female Taltos. But they are born, that's true. If you don't go, you will die tonight. You have heard tell of the little people. Do you know who they are?"

I didn't answer. I wanted to say, I do not care.

"They are the spawn of the witch that fails to grow into a Taltos. They carry the souls of the damned."

"The damned are in hell," I replied.

"You know this isn't so. The damned return in many forms. The dead can be restless, greedy, filled with vengeance. The little people dance and couple, drawing out the Christian men and women who would be witches, who would dance and fornicate, hoping for the blood to come together, for like to find like, and that the Taltos will be born.

"That is witchcraft, Brother. That is what it has always been -- bring together the drunken women, so that they will risk death to make the Taltos. That is the old story of the revelsin these dark glens. It is to make a race of giants who will, by sheer numbers, drive other mortals from the earth."

"God would know let such a thing happen," I said calmly.

"Neither will the people of this valley!" said the Dutchman. "Don't you understand? Throughout the centuries they have waited and watched and used the Taltos. It is good luck to them to bring together male and female, but only for their own rituals!"

"I don't know what you are saying. I am not this thing."

"In my house in Amsterdam there are a thousand books which will tell you of your kind and other miraculous beings; there is all the knowledge we have gathered as we have waited. If you are not the simpleton, then come."

"And what are you?" I demanded. "The alchemist who would make a great homunculus?"

I spat Coke all over the book when I read that. And now I'm like, "Lasher is a homunculus! OMG! *cry*". Which is going to suck, because now Envy and the others are forever linked to HIM in my mind. But it just hit me, because icedark_elf, renquestor and I were marveling last night at the way the poem seemed so perfectly fit to Hagaren and now THIS.

*goes back to lurking now*

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