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okaeki thinggie

Oh god, yes, it's me again. XD;; *is sorry for spamming* Uhm, so lately I've been seeing lotsa pple post the artstuff they did on Artpad, and I got curious, so I tried it out myself. (This is a sign that I may just have a little too much free time this quarter. .__.;;)

'Cept well, on MS Paint and openCanvas I can use Ctrl + Z to undo instead of having to move the cursor to the undo button. XD;; That took a bit of getting used to. Wanted to draw Winry too but I think I've already wasted enough time. >_>;; Which is a *lot* of time cuz mouse-arting is very slow and tedious for me. XD;; *wristspasm*

Thinking of You - Ed
Thinking of You - Al

I need to do homework. e__e;;

EDIT: For those of you who don't have flash, the images are viewable here and here.

Once again, C&Cs appreciated! Thank you~

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