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Okay, okay. Today I have THREE(well, actually four, but that was the OLDER version of one of them).

Credit goes to coldwriter for giving me an idea that I haven't thought of! XD;

Al's gonna win. No question.
Ed's teh BUSINESS MAN. (just a quick fact: the logo was was actually two pieces. I had to put them together. XD)

I'LL have a hard time doing it.
Thanks, coldwriter. Anyway, here was the original one for it, but I thought this up and said, "Oh! That'll be MUCH better!" and did it. XD;

Hughes is the head of the household!
I always thought that Hughes will be a good HOTH, since he's a family guy. But in truth, I had NO IDEA what to use for Big Brother. XD;

And that's it for today!

The Amazing Race
American Idol

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