Rappydappydappy McTappy (raptorix) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Rappydappydappy McTappy

I remember a while ago after I posted some screengrabs of some of my FMA sims wreaking havok, some people asked for links as to where to download said sim skins.

This is the one where I got all my skins at first. But then I found another site with better skins (but not as many characters).

But both of which were found using this WONDERFULLY HELPFUL database with links to websites that contain ANY anime skins you want! (BTW, they have links to the first website that I removed the link to.)

However, I warn you, the two FMA skin websites are in Japanese, but are navigatable even if you don't know any Japanese at all. Because both have just enough english text to browse through, (I mean, it's insanely helpful if they put 'Sims' 'Download' 'Skins' 'Enter' and such)

However, some of it might be a tad hard to navigate if it's fully Japanese. If you're using IE, just pay attention to the address in the bottom of the browser, those at least are written in english, and should give you clues as to what is within. Or, just click all the links and try and find it the hard way XD

LOL Just posting in case anyone gave a flying crap ^^. If you have The Sims and don't have any FMA skins, I suggest you go and revive the game :3
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