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Um..........hi! Long time no see ^^; lol.

Ehhh.....It's been a while since I've been to this community since.....the end of the Japanese FMA fansubs O_0? Yeah.;. I used to check here every day XD;. I started watching FMA since it started being fansubbed and it was on around episode 18 I think *_*; *rambles*

Ok, anyhow;. I wan't to know when is the movie being released? O_o;;....*wonders if someone will get it and fansub it?* What's it supposed about lol O_O;;;..................
And where can I get the manga still it seems Anime-Source has stopped scanlations X);;;
LOL, sorry...and thank you =).

And so that I just don't come here just asking for something, here is something me and my friend collaborated on =)
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