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Trip to Japan

Mods, please delete this entry if you find it to be completely irrelevant.  Gomen!  Personally, I think the result of this post may benefit others who may do this in the future.

I’m visiting China this summer, and I found out today I’m going to stay in Japan for three days in August right before I come back to the US!!!  I’m so psyched!!!  I've never been there, so I have some questions for those of you who either have visited Japan recently or live there.

- I think I’m going to be in Tokyo for most of the trip.  Although, there is a chance I may take the shinkansen to another city.  Any recommendations of either attractions or sights I shouldn’t miss?
- I’m a big fan of trying different foods (not big on spicy... ie tons of wasabi... but I'm cool with sashimi and the likes).  Any food that you would recommend?
- Are there any key Japanese phrases I should learn?  I only know English, can speak Chinese... and some Spanish (which I'm sure won't help at all, lol),
- Here’s the biggie:  where can I get souvenirs pertaining to FMA or manga/anime in general?
- Any cultural shocks or other interesting things I should know?
Also, cost is a factor… I’ve heard everything in Japan is 5-10x the cost it is here.  Therefore, I’m going to be looking for things that I just can’t purchase or do in the US.

I will take lotsa pictures of any FMA thing I see and post it on this forum. ^_^

Arigatou! Arigatou!

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