it is always 1895 (pinstripesuit) wrote in fm_alchemist,
it is always 1895

Fanart Dump- Greed and Kimberly, mostly

I have six drawings today. I hope you enjoy them.

The first three are anatomical studies -Yay, art school!- that turned into FMA fanart, because FMA has eaten my brain.

Greed's Back 1 (Rated R. Warning for full-back male nudity. Not intended to be sexual, but probably not worksafe.)

Inspired by a conversation with swordage in which we decided that whenever Greed feels depressed, he should walk around naked. Because naked Greed is good.

Greed's Back 2 (Rated G.)

Inspired by a drabble by swordage.

Kimberly's Torso (Rated PG-13.)

Inspired by "Deadly Weapons" by laylah. (Warning: Fic contains m/m content.)

This one is just a somewhat-quick sketch.

Greed Sulking (Rated G.)

These last two are comics.

Knowledge is Power... (Rated PG.)

For miss_arel, in celebration of her getting accepted into a crapload of colleges. Remember to use the comic's message well... (Please excuse the bad cropping, too.)

I Own the Moon (Rated PG-13. Warning for langauge and crack. Greed should never play video games. Dialogue courtesy of swordage.)

Please excuse all the DevArt links.
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