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FMA Attraction at Universal Studios Japan Website UPDATE!!!

The website for the FMA Attraction at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka has been updated with an video interview with Paku Romi (Ed's japanese VA) and merchandise tie-ins. The attraction has already been open since last week (March 18, 2005) and will run until May 8th, 2005.

FMA Attraction Website:

FMA Attraction product tie-ins: WTF?! Philosopher's stone LOLIPOPS!!! >_>;;

Paku Romi Video Interview:

Sadly, there's are no pictures of the actual attraction. :(

I don't know any japanese, so anyone fluent in japanese are welcome to translate.

Gee! I sure hope SOMEONE can go to the FMA attraction and take pictures of it.
*People living/staying in Japan. I'm looking at youuu~~~*

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