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FMA ID cards!

Collect them while you can... FIND THEM! :O

Because I am bored, I bring you FMA ID Cards! I have most of them in the making... I only have seven so far.............. *slacker!*

Anyway, here they are! (Also, those of you whom wanted the OoT Manga, the link is in here. I'm curently uploading it. :O)

Feel free to do whatever with these. lol You can even put them up on your LJ user info I guess. X_x; I'll post the rest later. lol If you have any requests, feel free to comment. I'm sure I'll be able to do these this weekend since we have half days with mid-terms at the end of the week. :3

OoT Link:

If you DO take anything, please feel free to link to my LJ... if you want. :P

Also, does anyone else think that the song Hawkeye would make the greatest for a music video about FMA...? >__<;

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