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A (not so new) Community...

Yeah, I know I advertised this when I first formed it, but I feel there are enough new fans to warrant me doing this again.

The maes_hughes community is a (mostly) friendly bunch of people who all share one thing in common -- a love for Hughes (and his family)! Got a fanfic involving him? Got fanart of him? Weird photomanips? Icons? Wallpapers? Doujinshi scans? Theories? General discussion? It's all fine at maes_hughes, as long as it involves Maes Hughes (or his wonderful family.)

I know, I just (mostly) copied that blurb from the community info, but I feel it pretty much describes the community's purpose.

But hey, come on down and check us out! I just started a layout contest, and more contests and fun things will be coming, but it all depends on participation. :)

Thanks for your time. <3

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