Rappydappydappy McTappy (raptorix) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Rappydappydappy McTappy

Figurine CRACK! YAY!

I got these figures for Christmas, and shortly after had to make a photo comic thinger from 'em...

Ack sorry it's kinda large :x

But yeah... I kinda wish that figure was the fully painted one, rather than the metallic painted one... Oh well! ^^

Teehee! An alternate version of this could be Edward gloating how he's taller than Hughes! (Who, is taller than Roy... which is something to gloat over :3)

Ack sorry... My bandwith quota is so messed up... Please try again tomorrow, it should be back by then x.x

But I did upload this on DA... In my scraps...

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