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Title: Exploitation
Author: Chauni
Pairing: EnvyxEd
Warnings: Maybe some light spoilers, but nothing truly major. If you know all about Envy, you're fine. Doesn't really follow any set timeline.
Genre: Drama. If 'Lusty' was a genre, it would certainly be that.
Notes: This took me forever to write, and I don't know why! I would start it, get a paragraph done, then growl and rewrite the same paragraph ten times. I wasn't even going to post it on these communities, but since it's received such a following, I went through with it all.
On the bright side, I might write another installment to this later. Maybe two. But it can stand alone (which is what I originally intended, but after talking to someone and thinking about it long and hard, decided to continue on).
Thank you for reading! Comments are loved!


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