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[FIC] Isotope : Dideuterium Oxide

Title: Isotope : Dideuterium Oxide
Rating: PG??
Pairings: Elricest quite probable in the future, but I promise nothing.
Spoilers: Ep. 4 so far
Note: 'Nii-san' means 'Brother'. Splits from canon around episode 3.
Theme song: "Qu’est-ce qui t’amène" by Carole Fredericks (lyrics forthcoming)

Chapter 1

The more I think about it, the more I think everything that happened that night was wrong. I mean, obviously what we did was wrong, and the results were wrong, but it was almost like that much was supposed to happen, like it was a lesson—not to cross the line into forbidden territory, not to play with fire, because it will burn. But everything else—no.

No, that wasn’t supposed to happen. I can’t believe that.

I wasn’t supposed to lose Al. I
know that. We were in it together, the two of us, just like we’d always been. Whatever happened, we would always have each other. Losing him—wrong. That was seriously wrong. For a while I could still see him there, faintly, and I thought I could still save him. I would’ve given Them anything, but it wasn’t enough. I missed my chance. They took my arm, I let Them take it, but Al…

Two failed transmutations in less than an hour. I’m really sad, aren’t I?

Feeling Al slip away, that was wrong. Fainting at exactly the wrong moment.

I know it shouldn’t have been Lieutenant Colonel Mustang who carried me, bleeding, retching, sobbing, to Winry’s house, explaining in his calm voice that I had lost two limbs and that Al had… had…

Wrong. It was all wrong.

I knew it was wrong when I woke up alone.

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