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Bad-mouthing the Gate

Ever wander what would happen if Ed bad-mouthed the gate after being stuck in there? Well here ya go ^^

"get...out...somehow..." Again he was hearing broken words. How he was supposed to get out, he wasn't so sure. At the moment, just the voice was a glimmer of some kind of hope. It also let him know what he was most defiantly alive, just not in his own body. FORBIDDEN Ok, that's it!! I've fucking had it with you!! All you do is talk, talk, talk saying nonsense stuff about shit that doesn't fucking matter!!! We paid our price YEARS ago, and now you want to take even more from us!! Even if your... whatever the hell you are... you should also know that an equivalent trade would require you giving something up in return!! But no, you haven't!! You want to steal back something that was PAID IN FULL for!!! That's NOT Equivalent trade!!! I gave my right arm for my brothers soul, and so that means I fucking own it NOT YOU!!! Whatever Ed had said, touched a nerve if the gate had one. He was instantly blinded by a bright light that surrounded him. He shut his eyes and was met with the same feeling as before when the gate had grabbed him. he opened his eyes watching as the doors to the gate were getting closer at a high speed. Just before he hit the closed doors, they were flung open and he was tossed out of the gate itself. he flew quite a ways away from the doors of the gate, and landed hard with a thud on what he assumed was ground, though it was the same color as everything else: bright yellowish light. He turned to look back towards the gate, watching the doors closing slowly Know this human.... The price may have been paid for the soul, but that body does not belong to him. If he wishes to keep it, he must pay a passage fee Before Ed could ask anything, the doors closed with a heavy thud and Ed felt a pull at the pit of his stomach that slammed his soul right back into his body.

Ed took in a HUGE breath of air, and coughed loudly as he let it out. It felt like he had been underwater, and this was his first real breath of air in a very LONG time.

This of course is from the same RP when I played Drunken Edo ^^. And thought that a little more fun reading would entertain you folks

Also some pretty artwork for you to look at ^^ Edo ish so kawaii
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