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Inspired by the recent influx of movie scans and so on and so forth, especially the post of the bloody great big giant postcard scans by sycia, I made this wallpaper (in two sizes! ;p )

Note: Very Ed-specific. I mean, as in Edo is the only thing ON this wallpaper. In great numbers is there Haganeno on this desktop. There's no EdoCosplaying!Al or Alter!Al or anything, just alot of Ed in all his sexy Munich glory. Phear my rabid Ed love.

If it looks off balance, its because originally I was toying with just that very big postcard image, and halfway through I decided there wasnt enough on it, so I added the two side images, leaving the left and top vaguely empty. But was difficult to put much else there since Ed's head is sort of inthewayish.

You guys are free to take it (why else would I put it here?) ^-^=

Credit for the scans goes to sycia and angiechow. The quote at the bottom is from the longer, cooler movie trailer, also translated by sycia at Love her! ;)
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