the Skank of Silliness (aka Granate) (granate) wrote in fm_alchemist,
the Skank of Silliness (aka Granate)

Gen fic!

From the Desk of Roy Mustang
(or, The Not-So Secret Diaries)

warnings: none
pairings: none
length: 1 page
spoilers: episode 13

From the Desk of Colonel Roy Mustang, Flame Alchemist.


-finish this month's expense logs
-sign whatever papers Hawkeye brings in
-reorganize bookshelf
-lunch with M.
-jot quick note to F., thanks for opera tickets

-hear Fullmetal’s report
a. Lior
b. Red water
c. Aquaroya, ask about Psiren.
**note to self: take P. out again soon. Ask about Edward.

-call maintenance about windows AGAIN. About to clean them myself here…
-pick up dry-cleaning (ask Fury?)

-become Fuhrer


Day completely ruined. First, Fuhrer Bradley made a surprise appearance with news about State Alchemists being murdered in Central City. Has taken over my office. This might even ruin the entire week. No warning whatsoever. Difficult to resist the urge to scorch Hughes. Rather suspect he just wanted to see the look on my face. Very vexing to surrender office. Still hate Gran’s moustache.

Had to scrap lunch with M. in order to entertain visiting officers. Raincheck for next Tuesday.

This afternoon, Fullmetal challenged me to a battle assessment. So bourgeois. Cannot believe Fuhrer agreed. Preposterous! So humiliating that Fullmetal got the drop on me, will never hear the end of it. Could still have won had Fuhrer not intervened. Clean up was troublesome. Had to give Fullmetal information about Marco. Damn it all. Will have to keep my eye on them both.

Let Hughes buy drinks in compensation for the unpleasant surprise earlier. Briefly suspected that he had started the rumors about this "Scar" person himself so he could bring everyone East and bother me, but now convinced of Scar’s presence. Don’t like that Scar may be coming this way next. Will def. ruin my week. Returned to office to get my coat and found bullet holes in the wall. Must speak to Hawkeye regarding judicious use of firearms.


Oh, and the thing about the windows was a shout-out to the ever-lovable episode 37.

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