Ryvian (snake_lady) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Crackish AIM conversation

Ok, so I was telling one of my friends about the Envy costume I'm working on.

Me: but it'll look cool
Me: if I can get the wig right
Him: spikey hair.
Me: stupid wig is gonna be hard
Me: I'm using caulking compound on it
Me: the clear kind
Me: it'll NEVER go back to being straight when I'm done with it
Him: oh my word
Him: I totally missed the "t" in "it'll"
Me: I totally wrote "I'm a pineapple!" on one of my reference pictures
Me: and wow...
Me: that's so wrong without the t
Him: that's why it confused the snot outta me
Him: seriously, there's snot all over the place now, but not in me.
Me: that's so funny if you apply it to me cosplaying Envy
Him: I know. my thoughts exactly.
Me: "I'll NEVER be straight again when I'm done with it."
Him: ...

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