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Hello, Everyone~~!

I have decided present this in this way. <3

I'm doing a full storyboard for Proud Of Your Boy from the original cut of Aladdin, using Edward as the focus. The song was written by Howard Ashman and the music was written by Alan Menken. The demo is sung by Alan as well, and is much better than Clay Aiken's cover of it.

Anyway, as I said, I'm doing a FULL storyboard of this song, but at this moment, I'm posting what I actually have done.

Beware, slow computers. These are thirteen large images, each about 1000 wide x 780-something tall. If you use an 800x600 resolution, I suggest changing it.

At the bottom left of each page is the time at which the line ends. The right is just the page number so I can keep track of all of it. O_o


Proud of Your Boy...
I'll make you proud of your boy...
Believe me, Bad as I've been, Ma, You're in for a pleasant surprise...
I've wasted time...I've wasted me...
So say I'm slow for my age, a late bloomer, okay, I agree...
That I've been one rotten kid...
Some Son,
Some Pride,
and some joy...
But I'll get over these lousin' up, messin' up...
Screwin' Up

I kept giggling at the "Some Pride" frame.

Edit: I forgot to mention! Please, in your comment (if you comment) what is your favorite frame? <3
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