Elf From Space (elffromspace) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Elf From Space

Can Automail feel?

Ok, question about automail... Can people, specifically Edward, feel with their automail limbs? We all know that they connected it to his nerves and that THAT hurt immensely. But his arm and leg can get clawed and chewed on with no apparent effect. So can he feel with them, or are the nerves just connected for motor purposes? Metal doesn't inherently have any way to sense pressure. The nerve connections will only be able to accomplish what the mechanical arm itself can also do. So, unless there are sensor plates perhaps on his palm and fingertips, my guess would be he can't feel anything. And even if there are pressure sensors, the feeling would be fairly numb and mainly useful for determining that you are, indeed, touching something but would not tell you what it feels like.

Any other thoughts, corrections, suggestions on this?

BTW I'm not sure I really introduced myself. I'm a friend of several other invaders to this group (we tend to corrupt each other into joining new fandoms) I collect Tooth Glints, Sparkles and Bish bubbles, so if anyone wants to donate any for my site feel free! I already have a good many of Alex and one of Roy and Al. Mean to, but haven't yet posted a few manga ones of Ed sparkling ^_^

As far as pairings go, anyone who really wants to hurt their brain can see a longer rant in my personal journal, but for now I'm quite leaning towards Ed/Winry (Al/Winry is also ok, but Ed/Winry seems a lot more interesting and seems to work better, to me. Besides, did Winry not look ORGASMIC when talking about Ed's automail in episode 17???) I also like Roy/Hawkeye, since she is SOO looking out for him, and her relative level headedness would really compliment his ambition and might keep him from getting out of control.

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