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FMA + Sims = Crack


Well, I've had these screenshots for a while, so I thought I'd share with you all :3

I bet everyone can say they've played the Sims...

Well, one day I went a-searching for some anime skins... I found some Full Metal Alchemist skins that I'm quite happy with... (sorry, can't remember the exact website address... just go google search, shouldn't be too hard to find).

But let me tell you this: Things go wrong when you make Alphonse!Human an adult sim, and Edward a child....

Those are two screenshots of the same picture, just rotated camera...

You can see a naked Alphonse just got outta the love bed that Edward was sleeping in. Armstrong and Hawkeye just happened to stumble in at the wrong time... :3

Armstrong entertains his gracious hosts with his AMAZING CAMPFIRE SINGING TECHNIQUE HANDED DOWN THE GENERATIONS THROUGH THE ARMSTRONG LINE!! Yeah... he went visiting my Final Fantasy family.. From the right, is Wakka in his swim trunks, a pale and pasty Laguna (who's dead now BTW) Lulu, and Zidane in his bathing suit.

Yes, Sims are wonderful
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