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Roy x Ed-ness

by Lain Blackchurch

Rating: PG
Word Count:
Summary: (Roy x Ed) Challenge from maikan, the word ‘grace’

Roy listens to the ticking of the clock in the corner of the room. He frowns as the bells in the distance and in the room chime at the same time.


Sighing, he looks out the window and only shakes his head. Days like these were depressing. It was always quiet when Edward wasn’t around to annoy him. Abruptly, there is a knocking sound, and he looks up, standing. “Edward?” he questions. Walking over to the front door, he opens it.

Ed is standing on the doorstep, completely soaked, but a smile still painted on his lips. “Hello, Colonel.” He says with an all-too-cheery tone. Mustang sees Edward holding a box and shakes his head.

“What’s in there?” he asks, pointing to the container.

“It was a package at the door. I picked it up.” Handing it to Mustang, he feels a gentle hand at his back, letting him inside and shutting the door. There is a warm roughness that goes over his head and he lifts it from his skull slightly. “Hm?”

“Dry yourself and take off your boots.” Roy murmurs, setting the package off to the side. He watches as Edward dries his hair and hangs his jacket upon the hook, removing his boots as well. “There we go, better, see?” Ed only nods and feel’s Roy take his hand and lead him into the living room. “You look cold.”

“I’m fine.”

“Do you want some tea?” he asks. Edward nods slightly, and watches as Mustang disappears through a door and comes back again, arms as his sides. “So… walking in the rain, picking up my mail, you must be awfully bored, Edward.”

“No, not really. More pensive than jaded.” Ed leans back against the hardness of the couch and sighs, feeling his skin shudder slightly.

“I think that you’re cold.” Mustang states. A quick sweep of his fingers along Edward’s arm proves his theory correct. “Here…” Before he can move to grab the quilt, folded neatly over the back of the chesterfield, he hears a light whistling. “I’ll be right back.”

Again, Roy withdraws back into the kitchen and comes back with two cups, one in each hand. He hands one carefully to Edward, who dips his head in gratitude. As he places his lips against the rim of the cup, he feels and slight shift of fabric over his shoulders. “Um…” He begins, yet only to laugh at himself. The tea is warm and pungent against his throat and it coats his tongue with a lingering taste. He knows that he hasn’t had breakfast or lunch for that matter, too absorbed with his research.

A body presses up against his and he feels a blush creep over the bridge of his nose lightly. He’s not in the mood, but leans his head against the vacant shoulder with a yawn. “You’re so predictable, Edward.”


“You are, you are, and you are. And I can prove it to you with a simple gesture. Try me.” Suddenly, he feels Edward beginning to cease trembling. His arm that he leans upon is completely still. “So you’re temperate again, that’s good…”

“That’s my other arm, you dummy.” Ed mutters, feeling an arm encircle his waist. “It doesn’t respond to the temperature so it stays still.” Mustang is silent. “You know… I always wondered what it would be like to feel with my other hand again… to just finally be able to hold my tea in both hands and feel the warmth being equal on both sides of me.” He laughs bitterly. “That won’t be happening anytime soon.”

Roy looks at the blonde and only pulls him closer with a frown. “Damn…” he sighs. “Grace doesn’t come at an easy price, now does it?”

“Nope… a lot of time, and a lot of effort.”

“Grace is something that can be lost and gained so easily.”

“Completely.” Edward lifts himself up again, setting the tea onto the side table and shaking out his wet hair. “Grace is something that Al and I have lost… and we want it back…”
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