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Fan Fic -Angelic Coming-

Hi everyone. New to the greatness of FMA do to my friend sharyamato I know I shouldn't jump the gun, I havn't seen it all but have done my best to pick up as much as I can from what is on the internet and from my friend. But after seeing so much I had a wicked idea of a fan fic, it has humor, drama and everything else that FMA brings. -yes, might get into think weird things.- My friend is helping me out with it byt grammer and adding more juice to it. I wish to share but mostly it is for the enjoyment for my friend and I. Please don't kill me. -hids as in fear of people can bash on the little one. Hai, smaller then Ed and older-

Time of fan fic is after the serise. I am slighly voding the movie do to the fact I know little and it will be forever for me to see it.

Title: FMA:Angelic Coming; Epsoide One: Something Starts Part I -title in works-
Genre: mild romance, science fiction, humor, drama
Parings: not at this time
Spoilers: Not really in this one but many will come
Rating: PG; Explosion and ....fire
Bonus: Omake at End by Hughes

Episode 1 part I
Something Starts
by Katie Davis and Krista Rogers

Edward Elric had an odd feeling. A feeling like events that had happened had changed. He couldn’t tell for his memories wouldn’t let him. This feeling was uneasy and keep nagging at the back of his mind. Something told him a new adventure had already started and was already taking effect on him and the whole world he knew.

Today was Edward’s 17th birthday. A year had passed since he had finshed his quest for the Philosopher's Stone. He and his brother Alphonse were now whole. It wasn’t just Edward’s birthday but also Hughes’ daughter’s, Elysia, birthday; the party was being held at the military headquarters in Central. It was quite the big event to see so many faces again after a year. It was mostly military personal at the party. Al, Edward’s brother, though he was not military, had been at Hughes house when Elysia had been born and so invited as well. Winry had also been invited; Edward’s childhood friend but was too busy to leave but had sent a present with the two brothers. The party had been very friendly. Of course there had been the round of “short” insults given to Edward, that turned into a little bit of name calling almost ending in a duel of alchemy skills, but the women intervened to stop that from happening. Soon it had become late and everyone was calling it a night.
Edward was just about ready to end his argument with General Roy Mustang when he saw a strange blue beam of light coming out of a building near the border of the city. Then the blue quickly faded after into a red beam, which Roy had managed to turn around and see, so had most of the military personal that was still there, Hawkeye, Hughes, Armstrong, Fuery, Falman, and Breda.
“That must have been high alchemy done. I thought you’d kept an eye out on those things, General.” Edward commented toward Roy.
“For the most part we do, shorty. Gentlemen the call of duty calls. We should respond. You have ten minutes to get into uniform and be at the front gate.” Roy gave the orders and the men quickly ran off into the central building. Edward caught Roy’s arm.
“I’m coming.” Edward said to him.
“Of course, you are in the military and know so much about alchemy.” Roy then quickly ran off as well.
In nine minutes the same group of military personal stood in the front of Central Command with two cars waiting. Al had also stood at the front.
“Sorry, Al, you can’t come because you aren’t military.” Roy said seeing Al.
“But-” Al began in his usual innocent way of objection.
“Don’t worry, Little Brother I’ll come back and give you a report.” Edward smiled with assurance.
“Be careful, brother.” Al said waving him goodbye as the cars sped away, trying to feel at ease.
It was still hard on Al not to be by his brother's side at all times when alchemy was involved. Al had liked being in his human form but sometimes he felt small and over looked, though in the past he was more often than not looked up upon. He thought people were starting to forget his part in the quest that had taken so many years of he and his brothers own life. Then again, during the journey his efforts were disregarded by all, but Ed.

Roy’s car took the lead with Hawkeye, Hughes and Edward. Followed behind were Armstrong, Fuery, Falman, and Breda. Roy fixed his mirror so that he could clearly see the Armstrong’s car behind him.
“Edward, I want you to be on your guard.” Roy said not looking at him, with his serious tone.
“Roy, stop treating me as a child.” Edward objected. “I know.” Roy looked at him with a stern look and then back to the road.
Roy was also feeling uneasy about the day and more so when he had seen the light. He had seen that light before, it was alchemy. They then came up to a large mansion at the edge of town. They could tell this was the one for all the windows were shattered and was obvious that it happened recently.
“I don’t remember this building ever being here, Hughes?” Roy asked Hughes as they exited the car.
“Strangely, I don’t remember it as well, Roy.” Hughes answered.
Then both groups entered the main entry. It was very large and well furnished with wealthy pieces of art and furniture. Right when Edward entered he could feel a strong power being used, and it strangly felt familiar. Then they heard a loud yell order coming from room in front of them.
“FIND HER NOW!!” a woman’s voice had screamed.
Then with that two people came through the door. The Military could see their bodies outlined in a pink glow coming from the room behind them. One was large and then the other was small. “Mama’ we have company!” One of the shadows replied.
A third shadow joined them and it was obvious it was a woman she stood between them in the doorway.
“How unpleasant. The FullMetal Alchemist, the Flame Alchemist, the Strong Arm Alchemist and the military flunkies. I wasn’t expecting to bump into you people as of yet and you are in luck. You will be killed at another time. Boys, lets leave them and find our missing one.” The woman said this in an unfeeling tone.
Quickly there was a bright flash of light and the shadow’s were gone. Edward ran quickly to the other room. What he saw scared him. It was filled with pink test tubes. Soon followed the rest. There was a large space in the room for an array could have been placed, but there was none. Edward had just been able to catch a glimpse of seven large, human size test tubes all of which were broken, and that was never a good sign. Edward made his way to the middle of the room. There on the floor were empty shackles and chains. Edward stooped down to pick them up.
“Missy no like snoops. No like snoops, tell Gluttony to make sure no snoops. No spills. Make everything go boom. Say bye bye.” The voice giggled at the moment and an explosion errupted at the far side of the room.
“Everyone, out.” Roy yelled.
Another explosion went off, Edward transmuted a wall right in time to block the flying objects of hitting anyone. The Milatary quickly ran out of the room, as the FullMetal Alchemist continued sheliding them from the barrage of debry. Edward was the last and they soon started running out the front door. Edward followed but something caught his golden eyes. A small blue light emitted from a hutch near the entrance of the mansion. Another explosion came but from upstairs. They were planning to destroy the whole place. Edward couldn’t leave; he went to the hutch and opened it. All he could see was someone’s back but on their back was an array and of one of the most powerful ones at that. His heart pounded at the realization behind the array, this very symbol held great importance to the young Alchemist…why would someone have it tattoed upon their body? Edward went to touch the person but an invisible force field of air prevented him. Another explosion came and it was nearby his surroundings.
“Ed, get out of there!” Roy called from outside.
“Can’t, someone is in here. I have to help them out!” Edward yelled back.
Roy then reentered the building and came behind Edward. Just then, Edward clapped his two hands together and then placed them on the force field. He was able to break the force field. Roy then made a wall of fire that protected them from the flying objects that came from the next explosion. Edward quickly grabbed the small body out of the hutch. The person was unconscious.
“Leaving, NOW!” Roy yelled.
Edward didn’t reply, but simply ran after Roy who left the building. The two men quickly joined Hawkeye and Hughes behind a car before another explosion arose, the last time leaving it in flames. Soon one could hear the other militants who came to put out the fire. It began to rain. Rain began to fall from the sky and members of the milatary watched as the flames were extingused, all but Edward. Edward layed the unconscious body next to the car, tired. It was a small girl…or a small woman, in what look like a white slip with no back. She had scraps on her arms and leg. Edward removed a piece of glass from her arm. Edward then took off his coat and wrapped her comfortably inside it, concealing the sacred array on her slender back. As he did this he noticed an odd necklace, it was a silver beaded chain with two built shells with a blue gem that separated the two. Roy, Hawkeye and Hughes then came out behind Edward.
“Looks like she is our only hope to tell us what that was all about.” Roy said.
“And so, we better get her to Central, she’s injured and we don’t want those people to find her.” Edward commented.
“Major Armstrong, can you come over here-” Hughes called but was interupted, by Ed’s hand on his shoulder.
“No, I’ll carry her.” Edward said picking her up.

Omake: Episode 1, Part I writin by Kirsta Rogers

Hughes -(Flashes picture of Elysia) “Isn’t my daughter the cutest? It was her birthday today and everyone was there to attend. I took so many pictures I have enough for an entire album ^.^ But in the midst of the celbration, their was a disturbance, that turned into the greatest romance in the history of our world!

“Once upon a time, there was a beautiful pettite brunette girl with eyes the color of Jade. She was held captive within the walls of mad men and women that did dasterdly deeds to the experiments, human, chimera’s, humonculous’s alike! What tortures awaited the heroine I know not, for in the calamity of her escape, a brave knight burst through the gates and iron clad doors to her rescue.
“Her eyes agape at her rescuers stature and fisque of golden blonde hair, and eyes of the autumn sunset, his heoroic stance, and the ever so famous line:
‘Are you all right, miss?’
‘I am, now that you are here my knight in shinning armor.’
‘Come, we will mount my white steed, My Lady.’
‘I will follow thee anywhere thou goest!’
“The newly found couple mounts the horse, and the knight wraps his fair lady’s quivering shoulders of fright and cold, in his warm coat filled with his new found love.
“They then embark on a journey after a long stare into each others magnificent eyes, and become madly in love with the other. Young love, so sweet!”

“Are you done yet?” - Ed
“You do realize that everything you said was a complete lie. I was unconcious when Ed found me. I actually don’t open my eyes till the next part.” - Katie
“And how could we be in love? We just met.” - Ed
“You kids are too young to understand ‘love at first sight’. -Hughes. “You’re also too young to admit your love to each other even now. Denial is the first step.”

Art- Yes I am more of an artist then writer and have a character sheet for OC character.
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