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ATTN: re: community S1 layout

I'll be tinkering around with the S1 layout for the next coupla weeks. Please don't bag at me/the mods about stuff being wonky because yes, we know and I'm on the case. :)

I promise things will be fixed and that there will be full IE and Mozilla (if you ignore a horizontal scrollbar of doom) user-friendliness by the end of my spring break (4/9).

If you use other browsers (Safari, Opera, etc.), well, I'll try my damnedest to be friendly to your browser too, and I'm definitely welcoming any comments/suggestions. Quick disclaimer though: Opera is almost always one or two pixels off when it comes to alignment on a free user layout. T___T;


Also, as just a community member, I'd like to thank powercorrupts for making the original layout.


here's a shot of what the header looks like. :) If that's okay with everybody, then I'll start the coding.
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