Catie (catystorm) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Fanart/Comic, take 2!

So I appear, with more adventures of the San-nin-tachi ...

Warning, four decently large images behind the cut.

For more information about the San-nin-tachi, pop over here for their first appearance.

I believe the song she breaks out into is "Numa Numa", but I could be wrong as to the title. She so does that in public, too...

Art by Marin, aka luckycat_r

...Kirin and I are roommates. I'm not sure how we haven't killed each other yet.

Art by Marin, aka luckycat_r

Catie as drawn by me. I'm working on "out of uniform" pics of the other two, too ... :P But my stuff isn't near as good as teh Marin's.

And, finally ... terror. ZOMG, Kirin and Roy actually agree on something, the world will now end.

Art by Marin, aka luckycat_r

That group actually ends the streak of penciled comics, as the next batch is in color. ^_^x;

As always, I have Marin's expressed permission to post these as I see fit as long as she's properly credited. I think I linked back to her journal for each picture listed, if that ain't proper credit I dunno what is... o_O Enjoy!
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