Luna Hoshino (luna_hoshino) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Luna Hoshino

This will probably be refined as I get the chance to look back over it more later, but after I heard the song I just HAD to get this out.

Boku wa Koko ni Iru ('I am Here')

On nights when I'm unable to sleep, I slip out of my room
Looking up at the sky, I feel the wind
I listen carefully and strain my eyes

If this scenery, this wind
Is someone's creation
Is the me that is here now
Artificial as well?

Although I question and try to search for it,
The answer isn't anywhere to be found

It's like trying to fill in the blanks of an incomplete puzzle
Even though I gather up the fragments of my memories,
What was lost cannot be found

These recollections, these fond memories
If they aren't real things
Then what are these emotions I'm feeling
Right now?

In the darkness, although I hone my senses*
The answer isn't anywhere to be found

The blue sky the sound of the wind the warmth of the grass
The sunset the starry sky a smile...

If these recollections, these fond memories**
Aren't real things
Then who is the me who is here
Right now?

If this world, this everything
Is a world that someone created
Then what is the me that is here
Right now?

Although I ask the sky
The answer isn't here.
I am here, right now.

* - I am taking this line as a continuation of the very first stanza, where he talks about going outside at night. 'Togisumasu' doesn't literally mean 'to hone one's senses,' but since that's what he was talking about in the first stanza, I am assuming that it is implied.

** - the Japanese words he uses here have different meanings. 'Kioku' is more of a general, all-purpose 'memory' whereas 'omoide' almost ALWAYS has a positive connotation attached to it-- IE, the memories are pleasant ones. I tried to make that distinction in my translation.
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