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New member with two fics ^_^;

It's funny... A week ago, I was thinking I would be never be able to write an FMA fic; and of course now, I end up writing two. Whether if they're any good is debatable, however... Anyways, I decided to post them here (if only to make sure I get the details right). *^_^* Fake cuts ahoy!

The first, is a very short (almost 400 words), introspective piece from Al's point of view, revolving around a single theme:

Tin Soldier

The second is a pure crack fic, but I did try to keep everyone in character. ^_^; What starts off as a simple visit by Lt. Hawkeye to Mustang's office, turns into a surreal experience for all involved.

The Very Model of a Modern Lieutenant-Colonel

EDIT: Hmmm, I now realize I might've scared people off with the use of the words "crack fic"... To be honest, the second story is a song parody, okay? ;)P
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