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Like, FMA icons and a FMA/OoT cross!crack Photoedit...

Since I'm being kinda spoilerish (yeah, just KINDA) with the second part, that'll go first to save those who are looking at the icons... which are in now way spoilerish... They're all practically from the first Gaiden chapter and chapter 12 of the manga.... So.... yeah. XD And one incorperates my favourite yaoi pairings ever..... especially Link x Dark Link. :3

Moving on..................

... :D The image is from the OoT Adult Chapter 12... and it is the very last image in the chapter. XD; I just had to... I'm sorry... At least it's not a link yaoi transformed into a EdxRoy one. XD It came from, but it's recently gone down. :/

Go ahead and yell at me for #1... I saved it in JPEG format first THEN went back to make it GIF..... That is a BAD recepie. ~__~; Anyway, please credit if you take or use the blank icons. :3 Thanks ahead of time. Please leave comments, critique, and such here. :P Thanks. XDD;;

Woot... Back to hiding. lol
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