light_hohenheim (light_hohenheim) wrote in fm_alchemist,

FMA Reflections Special Commentary

I just finished watching the FMA Reflections Special and I have to say its pretty cool, very nostalgic with a lot of great scenes pack with FMA emotion :) Its about 55 mins long and is split into 5 sections. The first section consists of scenes of Ed and Al with an Ed and Al dialogue commentary going on while the scenes are running. The 2nd part consists of Scar with scenes of him and various ppl in the series commenting about him, the 3rd part constitutes of Roy and Maes and scenes of them while they have a dialogue with each other while its taking place, also plays a song from the show that seems to have been remixed with a more holy organ edge to it :D. The 4th part is about the Homunculus with scenes showing them, and has Envy and Greed having a dialogue with each other and then Envy having a monologue sometime later. Then it goes to a bunch of scenes being shown with the russian "Brothers" song playing, and the 5th and final part is mainly scenes from the end with an Ed and Roy dialogue and some other stuff. I'm really interested though in what was said in the Greed/Envy convo as well as the Envy monologue :D If anyone can translate or knows what was said it'd be great to hear :D This special was like the Gundam Seed TV specials but a lot better ;)
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