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Back again!

Just because I'm feeling so giddy today, and rather musical, I will give you... a violin-playing Roy and a piano-playing Ed! *cheers and dies*

by Lain Blackchurch

Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 461
Summary: (Roy x Ed) There is a soft musical sound drifting from their bedroom…

Sometimes, he can hear a gentle lilting in the air as he sits in the Colonel’s study, reading. He looks up with extreme curiosity and lets a smile play on his lips as he shuts the book and sets it on his lap, listening. Edward never gets tired of hearing Roy play the small violin, it seems to lift the heavy mood from his shoulders when he isn’t feeling all that cheerful.

He’ll walk into the shared room, and smile as he sees the Colonel sitting upon a small stool, a metal music stand in front of him, and the windows opened a good measure, when the weather is warm and sunny. Ed stands there in the doorframe, back leaning against one of the wooden strips and he smiles gently. Mustang looks rather content where he sits, the sun shining upon his face, setting obsidian locks into an iridescent mess of what shines like onyx stone. Roy immediately stops and stands, walking over to where Edward is a setting a gentle kiss to his forehead.

“What was that?” the blonde asks. “And why’d you stop?” He places his hand complacently on his hips and looks up at Roy with a doubly damning look in his eyes.

Roy smiles and runs his fingers through his hair, one hand still holding the neck of the violin and the stick of the bow. He sighs. “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a wonderful composer of music… it was his fourth symphony. And as to why I stopped playing…” He tugs as Ed’s hand, pulling him into the room and shutting the door. “Was to let you in.” Again, Mustang kisses him and walks back to his stool, seating himself with Edward on his lap, feet barely even grazing the floor.

“Can you play it again?” he asks.

“But of course.” Mustang agrees with a laugh in his voice, asking Edward to then flip the music sheets of the book gently as he passes over the notes.

Edward is good page-turner.

He reads the notes deliberately, making sure that Roy is finished with the two pages in the book and then flipping them deftly so that the music doesn’t stop. The piece goes on for a while, until the pages labeled ‘Fourth Symphony’ are gone. “That’s it?” Edward questions. “It seemed longer.”

“No… that’s all Edward.” They touch foreheads as Mustang puts away the string instrument. The strings of the bow brush the top of Ed’s hair gently, powdering part of his bangs. “Damn rosin…” The Colonel mumbles, brushing it away and setting the violin upon the desk and shutting the book.

“What should we do now?” Ed inquires. “I don’t want to read anymore…”

“Then… let’s make our own music.” Mustang states with a self-sated smirk.

by Lain Blackchurch

Rating: PG
Word Count: 437
Summary: (Roy x Ed) Edward decides that he wants to join in on the musical fun

In Mustang’s house there sits a piano in the Great Room by the door. No one plays it anymore and Mustang remembers that when he was a bit younger, he would tap the keys absent-mindedly. He knew that he could never create the kind of music that he could upon the strings of his violin.

So it gathers dust.

Roy and Edward sit down in the room adjacent to the piano’s quarters, Edward reading and Mustang playing the string instrument gently in the background. Edward looks over to where the black-haired man sits, looking out the window as the violin begins to slump on his shoulders. Finally, Ed stands and walks over to the Great Room, sitting down upon the piano’s bench tentatively.

He runs his hand over the surface of the bench, and then gives a light tap to the farthest key to the left, which emits a low note. Smiling, he taps it again.

And again.

And again.

He begins registering the places where the sounds come from. He moves from the white keys to the black keys, which are much more off than the white keys, either too high or too low for their surrounding counterparts. His gloved fingers move down back to the white keys and he begins to tap them softly.

Mustang listens as there is a light melody coming from the Great Room. He stands and strides over to where the black piano sits with a blonde head of hair ducks and resurfaces from the raised surface of the piano, which holds the numerous hammers beating against the keys slowly. Mustang leans against the instrument and smiles. “What are you doing, Fullmetal?” he questions. Edward looks up.

“I don’t care if you think I’m musically challenged, I—”


“I…” Edward puts his hand to his lips and smiles.

“I think that it’s lovely music… Try this…” The Colonel sets down a sheet of simple music and points out the names of the keys.

It’s almost as easy as A, B, C, no pun actually intended.

Roy explains the staffs, the lines, the beats, and Edward catches on, completing a simple pattern of songs. Mustang joins in upon the violin and smiles as the major enjoys himself, the smile on his face soft and gentle. At the end of the song, Roy sits down beside Edward and kisses him again, this time upon his cheek, and smiles. “I’m very proud of you.”

“That’s the day…” Edward mumbles, repeating the simple notes of D, D, A, A, B, B, and A…

Anyone knows the song that Ed is playing? *Hint, has to do with a star! YAY!

*posted in writing LJ, radiestesia
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