The Glass Sword (sannask) wrote in fm_alchemist,
The Glass Sword

Name Popularity

Ok, I know this isn't /exactly/ FMA related but I can twist it : ppp.

This is an incredibly addictive site. - Name popularity since about 1900, apparently only English/American names (presumably they got data from US censii (What IS the plural of 'census'??))

You start typing in the name you want to ask about, and it starts culling out and moving the graph. IE, just type in "ed" and watch it move. So I went through and tried to see as many first names as I could. edward, alphonse, trisha, maes (sadly none, though 'hugh' has been a little popular), roy, alex, louis... etc.

Dante has actually been a not-unpopular name recently. Non of the sins turned up any results, tho "sin" gave "sincere" as a boy's name (surprise there, would have guess girl) that's risen in the past 5 years or so.

*tries to think of other names to throw at it* OOOH dub actors....
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