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Random movie plot theory something...

About the FMA movie... I was just looking up the Thule Society (yes, I am bored) and then I saw this:

italicize= my comments D:'

...With all their beliefs united [the Thule Society] began funding construction of an inter-dimensional flight disc named the Jenseitsflugmaschine (Other World Flight Machine) in 1921. 1921, when Edo went through the Gate, right...? o.o The disc was built through a series of psychic revelations of the medium Maria Orsic then translated by a Vril medium named Sigrun. Together, they provided the basic materials to be used in the construction of the machine and the first designs of the machine itself. This machine was then built in Munich in 1922 MUNICHHH X_X Where Edo is in~~ At this time also, right? in secret under the leadership of Thulist Professor W.O. Schumann of the Technical University of Munich. Thule and Vril experimented with the odd disc machine for two years and then dismantled it after Professor Schumann derived a levitator unit from the research. This was perfected over many years and aroused great interest by Hitler, Himmler, and Goering.


Do you think that's going to have to do with anything in the movie? o_o; I don't see anything to do with a dragon, but well... This COULD explain why Edward would look towards a MACHINE of some sort (at first I thought, Flying into space wouldnt help much... But if its a so called "dimension crossing" thing, some "Other World Flight Machine," then... X.X; It makes a bit more sense why he'd want to attempt it...)

The SS E-IV unit assigned a specific sub-group to work on just these two machines, the E-V unit which nicknamed Andromeda-1 "Freyr" and Andromeda-2 "Freya". Both were constructed in well camouflaged above ground hangars similar to the old destroyed Zeppelin hangars. Haha, ZEPPELIN XD

And I'm sorry if this showed up before O_O; (I didn't think anyone else would be as bored as me to look up stuff though... XD; )
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