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Looking for FMA fans to push FMA to the top in the New Star and Crown of Anime Tournaments!

So, are there any FMA fans out the who are interested in joining me in voting FMA to the top in a competition for the title of greatest anime of all time?

I stumbled across a link to this competition on and it immediately caught my interest.

They hold two tournaments where anime series are pitted against each other for votes. One is for series that are newly premiered in the U.S. (2003-2004, so FMA qualifies), and one where all anime can be included.

Nominations for the first tournament, the New Star Tournament, begin this Wednesday. I wanted to see if I could round up some FMA fans to give the series a strong start. Starting on Wednesday, anime fans are encouraged to e-mail a list of their ten favorite anime shows or movies that have premiered in the U.S. from 2003-2004 on video, DVD, movie theatre or television, starting with your absolute favorite at the top of the list and then so on. Each show will be assigned a set of points depending where it is on your list. The show on top of your list will get the most points. The points will determine where in the seeding the series gets to sit.

Once you nominate, you get to become an official voter in the tournament. Once the tournament starts however, no more official voters will be accepted, so if you want to vote in the tournament, nominate!

Anyone else interested in seeing how FMA can do in a competition like this? Join me in nominating it in your top spot! It'll also give you the chance to vote on other anime series (which I'm also interested in seeing).

More detailed rules can be found here: Please read them carefully in order to best support your efforts!

Let's see if we can push FMA to the top U.S. premiered anime series!

Following this tournament will be the Crown of Anime Tournament, for the coveted title of best anime of all time! Let's help FMA out there too. I'll bring more information on that as it becomes available.
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