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Oook. Many people have complained to me about my last post. You see, I posted this picture I had laying around in my folders, and I decided to post it up after watching Night Shift Nurses. Apparently, I was SO STUPID ENOUGH to not credit the artist or post the site. -_-; Even though it was ENTIRELY my fault, most of the comments left on those post vexed me and kinda ruined my day. Whatever. I didn't credit because I don't remember the website it was from. Sorry if that offended some people, but thanks for leaving comments that made me realize the mistake I had made, even though I feel like a complete idiot that doesn't deserve live, let alone, post in a community. -________-;;; Well, I bugged my friend for a while, and I finally found the site. Hope this makes some people statisfied.

HERE'S THE CREDIT FOR THAT PICTURE OF EDO IN A NURSE'S OUTFIT. Sorry for the stupid mistake I made. Unfortunately, I'm too stupid to know how to actually delete a post. Whatever. Here's the link.

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