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Well, this is FMA-related, so hey. I thought I might spread some of the love over here, as well.

Some explanation before I get into the comics themselves. My reallyreallysuperUBERtalented artist-friend just recently got into FMA. Between her, my roommate and myself, we have a lot of cracky conversations and roleplay online and the sort. Because of some thread or the other, she got it into her head to do some Mary Sues of each of us and dump them into the FMA-verse to wreak havoc.

The characters are as follows: Catie Storm (myself), the Lightning Alchemist and research fiend of doom. Kirin Krueger (my roomate castalidragon), the Draconic Alchemist who... apparently enjoys manipulating elements into dragons and siccing them on people. And Marin O'Reilly (the Artist, aka luckycat_r), the Frost Alchemist.

Now! This is all in good fun. I'll post up the first comic and a piece of artwork... (both are drawn by her), but any colors are done by me. If you guys would like to see more, just say so. (I've drawn a handful of things as well, but they're nowhere NEAR as shiny as her stuff. *is so outclassed*)

...that came from a conversation in which my roommate turned to me and said, completely deadpan, "do you know what the first thing I'd say to Roy if I ever met him?"

And, of course, the three of us in color. ph33r the san-nin-tachi~!

You may commence the throwing of vegetables. *puts on rain slicker*

Yeah, I know the uniforms aren't 100% correct. :P Oh, well.
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