Rappydappydappy McTappy (raptorix) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Rappydappydappy McTappy

Purple Sparkle Crack icons

Okay, first time submitting to a community...

Shortly after I joined LJ, I made about five icons... Three I kept as my allowed usericons, and two others are from a lil running joke wampheratu and I have about Purple Sparkle crack.

The first one is my default. Steal and die.

The other two you are all welcome to.

<~~Don't touch


are available for anyone's use.

If you wish to use either please let me know. I would appreciate to know where my humor is going.

Definition of 'Purple Sparkle Crack' = Armstrong's purple sparkles that appear around him when he goes flexing. My friend and I swear he takes a dose of 'purple sparkle crack' to make 'em show up. We later joked around and tried to put the crack on other characters, (like Ed, Roy, and Hughes).

Okay, stupidness done... *scampers away*
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