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ReccaCon 2005 Photos!! ^__^

Hehe! Finally uploaded some pictures us that Tim and EurobeatKing took. ^^ We didn't take that many pictures, but here's what we to show so far. I cosplayed as Edo, and Andrew cosplayed as Fuery. TimTim was just... there. XD TimTim is so cool. He keeps his hood up all day, and he does cool L poses with the thumb in his mouth and whatnot. ^__^; [L from DeathNote, for those that don't know.]

Normally, Andrew would scream and say "AHHH!! I'm BLINDED!!" But I guess he's just conspiring something like... "Oh. You'll see... YOU'LL ALL SEE! GYAHAHAHA!!*Cough* >.>"

Here's that pose we did for the first few pictures. We had a simillar pose that seemed cooler, but I don't think I can get any of those pics available.

Ok. You know that gym uniform I've been babbling about from DOA:U? Here it is! The shirt says "Edo" in katakana.

Here's Andrew, trying to look all spiffy before we get to the convention. o__o

TimTim is wearing that bonnet Lain made at Anime OD. XD Kawaii~ <3

Here's me chasing geese on the way. THEY WERE SPEAKING TO ME!!1! O__O

There's that pose, again! I want a pic of the other one, too! T__T

XD We didn't take many pics. Here's the pic of us going home. It was randomly taken. o.o

XD;; Eww. His head is being stabbeded with a spoon, and he's all smiley-like. The red ketchup was supposed to make him look all evil and stuff, and the mustard kinda looks like pus comming out of his mouth. >.>;

Well, I hope you enjoy! ... XD AH HAHAHAHA!!1!... We're such losers. ._.;

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