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In regard to Last post

I'm sorry for my pointless post about my dog. I just found it rather humorous and thought I'd share. With all the Crack going on, I thought it'd be funny to others, and it was. Others it just plain annoyed. (Yes I read the entire thread comments in regard to my post)

I've also found posts that I found irrelevant, and I'm considering the post of my dog attacking me as such. Everyone is entitled to their opinions.
If something annoys me on the community, I ignore, so I ask those that had to be rude to me, to just not post. Hold anger inside.

I'm sorry that I've bothered you. I enjoy the Hagaren Fandom, and I have a hard time coming up with Crack, I'm really a fanartist and a lover of many fandoms, but my mind doesn't work like that. So if I'm a usless fan, I will leave and just lurk like I have before.

This may be deleted, I don't care, I just thought I'd let people know how I felt. Though I suppose I should put it in my personal Journal :P Comments aren't nessary either, but I could be wanked for this too.

I'll forgive all, and hug those that were defending me.

Those that wanted the MP3 of Cracktastic Melissa, I'll be sending it to you now.

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