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Fullmetal Alchemist AND Gundam Wing crack! :O

I was locked in my room for a few hours and had nothing better to do. I mean, REALLY. I have no flicking clue how this thing came together. o__o oh lord, don't hurt meeee... it was the bunnies! *runs off crying*

NOTE: This includes my toys doing some NC-17 things. You have been warned. >.> There is also quite a few images, might take awhile to load.

Our story begins on a fine morning in Shenlong's house. Where he was doing dirty stuff with Deathscythe! Wufei will never know what hit him! :O

This is not actually the first time I've done this with my toys...

Shenlong and Deathscythe: *making sexual noises*


Deathscythe: ...

Shenlong: *takes a drag of a cig*

Deathscythe: ...Do I make you happy?

Shenlong: ...Shaddup, bitch.

Deathscythe: T___T

Shenlong: Jeeze, don't start crying again!

Deathscythe: T_____T

Shenlong: *sigh* FINE. I... I love you.

Deathscythe: ^____^

Shenlong: Anyways, that new neighbour moved in. You up for a threesome?

Deathscythe: ^_________^

That dog-thing of mine is SPOOKY. I don't know why I still keep it in my room...

Alphonse: *is hanging out with his new buddie Hamtaro and Creepy!Dog* I love my new house! I'm so glad Nii-san allowed me to get a place of my own for all my animals! ^___^

damned creepy dog thing...

Alphonse: You guys must be my new neighbours! HIIII!! ^__^

Shenlong: Yeah... Hi. We've came to invite you over!

Deathscythe: ^_______^ Heh, he's robot too~

Alphonse: Ah, no I'm not a-

Shenlong: It's good enough for me. Grab him and let's go.

Deathscythe: ^_________^ *drags Al away*


Alphonse: This isn't a very fun game guys! O___O;;;

Shenlong: But we haven't even started... >D

Yay for MS Paint edits... -___-;;

Alphonse: O__________O;;;;!!!!! GETOFFGETOFFGETOFF!!

???: You two! Get away from him!

Shenlong and Deathscythe: Eh?


Shenlong: I-it's Roy Mustang! o__o

Alphonse: Colonel! Help meeeeee~ T____T

Deathscythe: <.< >.> ...foursome...?

Now, how'd that world map get there...? >.>

Roy: Unhand the Elric at once you bastards! >O

Shenlong: You'll have to fight for him! Both of us! >O

Deathscythe: ...foursome? T___T

Shenlong: ...*hits Deathscythe* >__<

Return of MS Paint!

Roy: Yes! I SO RULE!! >D *cough* >.>

Alphonse: ^____^ My hero...

Umm... What's lighter then air, but you can see it?

Alphonse: Wha- WAIT! What is my hero doing with my loin cloth?! O___O

Roy: I'm glad they already supplied the bondage...

Alphonse: O_____O;;;; COLONEL!! What-

Roy: Isn't is obvious? I'm going to **** you. ^^

Alphonse: O________O WTFBBQ?!?!/1!?/ >__< You leave me no choice then...

And if you put it in a bucket, it makes the bucket lighter? (answer under next one~)


*thunder and lightning goes off in the background*

Roy: o___O;; WTF?

A HOLE! ^___^ (I feel so smart now...)

Roy: x___x

Alphonse: ^_____^

Kitty: :3

Kitty~ <3

And Alphonse and the overly-large kitty lived happily ever after! Thee End!

And now for a break from the insane mess: my Izumi coat is finally finished! This will be worn at the Ai-Kon 2005 in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Izumi = 50% done.

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