billypilgrim (billypilgrim) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Vol. 10 scans.

Volume 10 scans. Large images, and spoilers for the volume, so it's under the cut. Any translators would be nice. :D

Cover.. AND LING. 8D

Dummy-chan~. ♥

Omake binding. Yes, those are Havoc's legs.

Translation, please?

HOMELESS! "Pinako, my house is gone." "Homeless!" (Parody on Hohenheim's name. In Katakana, it's "Ho-enhaimu!!" and Homeless is "Ho-muresu!!">

Omake pages. The only one I get is the last one. Riza's assigning the code names (Elizabeth, Jaqueline, Kate, Vannesa) and she gets to Breda, and it's "Breko" (Ko is the kanji for "child", which is used in alot of girl's names (Yoko, Michiko, etc). Basically, they can't think of anything for "Breda".

Ow. I think you can guess what happened. XD

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