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Crackiest OTP ever.

This is so messed up. Do not read if you are sensitive to crack. I'm serious.

So, it was a prefectly normal day at mugenjou_high... More normal than usual, actually. I remember it like it was just yesterday.

...Wait, it was.

So anyway, it was eerily normal and not much was happening.

Then I posted this and all hell broke loose.

Yes, that's right. Scar and Jon Stewart. They are SO in love. ♥ This originated because all my screenshots are in a single folder, and for some reason they're all in a completely random order - not alphabetical, chronological, it's just random. And it so happened that there were a couple Daily Show screenshots mixed in with the Scar ones, so of course I decided that Jon Stewart and Scar were madly in love with each other for that reason.

So then Sam decided to make this lovely image:

I was thoroughly amused, so I then declared a Scar/Jon Photoshop contest!! Well, I guess it wasn't really a contest since there was no judging or winning involved or anything, but hey!

And now I shall share the images that we recieved.

By Friday (typoes_sukc):

More by Sam (I don't think she has a personal LJ...?):

And some by me!

And due to some awkward wording by me, people also made edits for other crack pairings... and here are the ones with Hagaren characters. XD

By Sam:

Wrath and Sadako (from Ringu)

By Sephy (melts):

Hohenheim and Gackt

By Val (wabisuke):

Archer and Riku (from Kingdom Hearts)

Russell and Rukia (from BLEACH)

But that's not where it ends!! Oh, no! Because then I decided to make a Scar/Jon website. It has nothing on it right now except for a guestbook, but it might have more later. XD

And... yeah. I think that's the end now. (If you want to make a Scar/Jon edit yourself, feel free!! XD;;)
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