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Ed in drag (kinda) WIP

I nearly peed myself laughing drawing this thing. Ed is very hard to draw for me I'm not sure why. Actually everyone in fullmetal alchemist seems like they're very hard to draw. Maybe it's the style...

WARNING: slight nudity, drag (kinda)

This started off as a desire to draw ed without his automail attached and turned into...this. I was looking through Mihara Mitsukaz artbook and I like the "Doll Addict" section so I wanted to draw ed like those dolls. With the skin concealing bits of the automail arm (who am I kidding...I can't draw the automail) and with the...er clothing/whatever. This is basically a Ed version of one of the pics in the book. I changed a bit of the clothing and the pose to my liking but it is based very heavily on that picture I was looking at.

I still need to clean up the lines a bit and hopefully colour it. Sorry about the horrible anatomy I'm not very good at it XP
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