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I am Envy, hear me roar!

Our school has a tradition of annually doing an activity called "Spirit Week" on the week before our school's anniversary. One of the things we do during Spirit Week is dress up in themes; for example, we had "Pajama Day" in which everyone had to dress up in PJs or bedtime-related items. This year, we had a "Black and White" day, where everyone had to wear black and white (duh). And I managed to turn it into "cosplay Envy" day (how convenient that all the homunculi wear black.)

And so here's the costume I wore all day at school.

Envy's back. I used orange felt (because my little sister used up all the red felt, grr) and sewed it onto the shirt, and used double-sided tape to stick it on my shoulders.

The stair light is broken, so this one's a little dark. So much for trying to take pictures on my own >_>;;;

My mom caught me in the middle of pushing my hair off my face. This is the "elements" staircase ^_^ The mural in the background is mine.

Another pic of me on the stairs.

Closeup of the homunculus tattoo. A friend at school drew it on for me (the same one who helped me draw it on my desk.)

This was the only pose that came out halfway decent ;_;

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