White Aster (white_aster) wrote in fm_alchemist,
White Aster

Leader terminology help.....

I was wondering if anyone who can understand Japanese could help me out.

What, exactly, is Bradley called? I've seen in fansubs him being called "Fuhrer", "Leader", "King", and "President". Or maybe some of those were just Roy saying that he wanted to become "president". So, my question is: Which of these is the most suitable translation? And, is Bradley both the King/President and leader of the military? Is it just a military-led government?

....not that I'm wanting to know this because my Ed muse is thwapping me on the head with a bunny set in a future probably-ending-up-AU universe where a big war gives Roy the momentum and popularity to become president/king/grand high poobah, oh no, definitely not....:coughs:

Thanks! :)
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