Sir Riza (sir_riza) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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.........So. Movie. Pairings?

This is a random thought not usually thought up Especially considering I don't normally slash Hagaren. And if this has been brought up before, forgive me. I can barely keep up with this community anymore.

But looking at some of the recent pictures from the movie, I realize that this will open a whole new world of slash and pairings in the Hagaren community, hetero and/or gay.

So what would we call these movie pairings to avoid confusion? Movie!Elricest? Movie!MaesxGracia? How long winded... Calling it Alter!Series or something similar wouldn't work, since hime1999's lovely works have that covered.

Perhaps I shouldn't look at fandom stuff while I'm tired from lack of sleep and finals stress.

--Sir Riza--
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