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[Fanart] Greed x Kimblee

As a follow up to auronthefallen's post from yesterday... the piccie is all CGed and ready for viewing. ^-^! Definitely not worksafe. ^^;

There IS an explanation for the lightbulb!Envy! XD A damn good one, I swear! I originally had a dab of yellow there as visual reminder that my lightsource was there. But then I got creative and made it into a bulb...and no FMA piccie involving a bulb can be tolerated without it having palmtree hair so.... XD;;;

I am not responsible for any splodied brains, explosive nosebleeds or death by drooling dehydration. XD But I do shamlessly accept cookies.

Piccie's also @ my DA account if you prefer that.

x-posted to greed_x_kimblee.
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